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Migrations and Integrations

Migrations and Integrations

Be it physical or virtual, migration is one chore that most businesses detest. If you’re running an IT organization, migrating your server, apps, data and hosting environment can be a predicament in itself.

At XIST, we’ve been closing looking at the IT infrastructure and data environment evolution for years. This is how we know that a secure and up-to-date business ecosystem is essential for any organization. Most of the applications and systems today are running on older versions of hardware. The need of the hour is to update the software and architecture.This is where we walk in and fulfill all your migration and integration related needs.

Our team comprises of the finest professionals who have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in offering migration and integration services to different organizations. We peep into every facet of your requirements before taking an action. For us, your data, applications and other confidential property hold utmost importance. We handle it with immense care.

Our Migration and Integration Services Include:

In the realm of migration and integration, we have the following services under our wing:

  1. Server Migration
  2. Data Migration
  3. Cloud Migration
  4. Application Migration
  • Under Server Migration (SMS), our experts will manage the complete migration process for you. We have experience in moving accounts on all types of control panels. With an aim to move your server with a minimum downtime, we will keep you keep you in loop with the process from the very beginning. We also offer SSL transfer with DNS and TTL transfer.
  • We understand the importance of secure point-to-point data transfer. Our competent team will help you migrate OS server images, data, functionality, and mobile applications with ease. We have a several years’ experience when it comes handling data during migration.We also offer manual and automatic cleaning of data to improve its quality. So, any absolute data can be ruled out, ensuring its compatibility with the new environment.
  • Migration an organization’s data or applications to the cloud involve a certain set of factors to be kept in mind, making it a complicated process. We step in with precision and technique to help you carry out all sorts of cloud migration with ease. You can depend upon us whether you are moving applications,infrastructure, or business processes of your enterprise to the cloud. We make sure chances of issues likeinteroperability,unexpected costs, security gaps and unanticipated application rework are eliminated.
  • For the times when you want to reprocess and revolutionize your tested business applications with newer technologies and on strategic platforms, our NCPL Inc., will step ahead for you. Before moving your application from one environment to another, we craft a checklist making sure all processes are sync with one another.

Migration and integration are crucial processes and only experts should be permitted to carry these out for your business. For more details on our operations, we free to drop us a word.


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